Open Academic Courses - 2015

Distinction for the Open Academic Course “COMPUTER NETWORKS” (7th semester undergraduate), developed by assoc. prof. Ch. Patrikakis.


Distinction for the Open Academic Course “STRUCTURED PROGRAMMING” (1st semester undergraduate), developed by assist. prof. D. Metafas.




The Department of Electronics Engineering of Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (former TEI of Piraeus) is a member of the Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Association – HSIA) since 2014-15, ( ).


The Hellenic Semiconductor Industry Association (HSIA) was established in 2005 to represent the semiconductor, micro- and nano-electronics and embedded systems industry in Greece. Today, it brings together 50 industrial members and 30 universities and institutes. Our industrial members range from small start-ups to subsidiaries of multinational corporations, the majority being rapidly growing SMEs that serve parts of the microelectronics supply chain. Several members are either VC-funded or corporate-backed by companies with an international presence. The products and services of our members vary from design to IP licensing, to embedded and EDA software to manufacturing. HSIA customers represent markets such as mobile communications, multimedia, defense, home & office appliances and consumer electronics. Our vision is to establish the Greek microelectronic industry as a cradle of innovation and a dynamic partner within the global high-tech market. Our mission is to represent the interests of the Greek microelectronics industry and serve our members to build their business. We are committed to (1) promoting the innovation and competitive edge of the Greek microelectronics industry (2) advancing collaboration with stakeholders (3) enhancing synergies amongst our members to create scale.



The Department of Electronics Engineering of Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (former TEI of Piraeus) is a member of the CORALLIA gi-cluster since 2014 ( ).


gi-Cluster is the first creative industries cluster established Greece. It comprises of small and large companies, academic and research institutions, all involved in the Gaming and Creative Technologies and Applications Industry and forms a domestic, industry-led value-chain developing high-tech, state-of-the art competitive products for the international market.


Since its establishment in 2012, Corallia acts as the gi-Cluster facilitator and orchestrates the design and implementation of all its initiatives and actions, always in alignment with the clusters’ mission to become a world-class, fully operational innovation ecosystem, which will contribute towards elevating Greece in the global competitiveness charts.


In sync with global cluster management standards, initially introduced in Greece by Corallia, the Vision "create locally | compete globally" and the scope of establishing the message "Innovation Designed in Greece” critically determine the cluster’s operation for they form the guiding framework for any activity designed and undertaken within the gi-Cluster.


The offering of guidance and entrepreneurial support to cluster members by the management team seeks to achieve:


  • increase of both short and long-term productivity, turnover and export;
  • support employment growth via new job creation;
  • strengthen international presence and members’ orientation by utilising the strong international network offered by the gi-Cluster facilitator to the entire ecosystem;
  • improve competitiveness and business readiness levels.

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Conference Proceedings


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