Books or Book Chapters 2016


  1. Kogias D., Michailidis E., Potirakis S., Vassiliadis S., “Communication Protocol for Vital Signs Sensors Used for the Monitoring of Athletes”, in Smart Textiles and their applications (ed. Vladan Koncar), ISBN 978-0-08-100574-3, Elsevier, Woodhead Publishing Series in Textiles, pp. 127-143, no. 178, 2016. [DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-08-100574-3.00007-2]
  2. Jevšnik S., Vassiliadis S., Kursun Bahadir S.,Grujic D. and Stjepanovic Z., “Applying Heat for Joining the Textile Materials”, in Joining Technologies (ed. M. Ishak), InTech Publ., ISBN 978-953-51-4777-0, 2016.

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