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The Department of Electronics Engineering is considered to be the oldest Department in the history of higher technological education in Greece was formed as the union of two already existing schools, namely, the Anastassiadis  Higher School of Electronics (private) and the Sivitanidios School of Electronics  (public). These two schools have been the first to educate students in Electronics in Greece.

The “Radiotechnical School of Athens”, the oldest school of Electronic studies in Greece, was founded in September 1945, by a decree of the Minister of Finance. The curriculum of the school, issued by ministerial decree no. 16624/10-10-1951, was subsequently adopted by the “Euclides“ School / Thessaloniki, as well as by the Sivitanidios School / Athens, which founded the School for Radiotechnicians and Radioelectricians in February 1957. 

 In September 1965, by a relevant ministerial decree, all the radioelectrician schools, namely the  Radiotechnical School of Athens, the Sivitanidios School in Athens and the “Euclides” School in Thessaloniki, were upgraded into schools of higher education while in January 1967 a new, three-year curriculum was adopted, published and administered.  

The “Centres of Higher Technical Education” (“K.A.T.E.” in greek) were founded in August 1970. They later evolved into the “Centers of Higher Technical and Vocational Education” (“K.A.T.E.E.” in greek). In 1981 the Anastassiadis Higher School of Electronics was incorporated in the K.A.T.E.E. Piraeus, soon followed by the Sivitanidios Higher School of Electronics. After the foundation of T.E.I. by the greek state (greek law 1404/1983), the two schools together comprised the Department of Electronics Engineering in Piraeus University of Applied Sciences.   

Through the years, graduates of the Department of Electronics Engineering have successfully met  the increasing demand for specialized personnel in  all fields of electronics. Today, thanks to a  continuously updated curriculum,  the students of the Department acquire a solid, contemporary  basic knowledge in all the major fields of electronics, such as analog  and digital electronics,  telecommunications, microwaves, antennas, RADAR, automatic control systems, data processing,  microprocessors, micro-controllers, computer networks, digital signal and video processing  systems.  



Current enrollment in the Department is 120 undergraduate students per year, admitted in the Department after having successfully undergone the National Examinations for Admission in Tertiary Education, delivered by the Greek Ministry of Education.

In addition, a variable number of students are transferred from other Electronics Engineering Departments located in other areas of Greece. Finally, in the Department are allowed to enroll a varying number of students falling into special categories (athletes, students with special needs, etc.).
The duration of undergraduate studies is four academic years (eight semesters). In order to qualify for the BSc degree (“Ptychion” in greek), a student is required to successfully attend seven full-time semesters of taught courses, to submit a dissertation in the field of his/her studies and to complete a one-semester work placement, for practice in the profession.
The graduate of the Department is awarded the title of “Electronics Engineer of Technological Education”. The Department participates in a number of exchange programs (students and teaching staff) in the context of the European ERASMUS frame. To facilitate student mobility in the European framework, the Department has adopted the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) for the undergraduate studies curriculum.


The Department offers three MSc Courses, namely:

• “Internetworked Electronic Systems”, (2015 - today)

• “Information and Communication Technologies for Education” in collaboration with the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens and the University of Thessaly, Greece, (2005 - today)  

•  “Networking and Data Communications” in collaboration with Kingston University, London, U.K., (2002 - today)

All three graduate study programs lead to the Master of Science (MSc) degree. The third program is accredited by the greek Ministry of Education / Hellenic NATIONAL ACADEMIC RECOGNITION AND INFORMATION CENTER, (NARIC).

Last but not least, the Department is engaged in a number of scientific research and development projects in leading research areas of the field of Electronics and its applications.  
The Department is located in Building Z - Wing B of the main Piraeus University of Applied Sciences campus in Aegaleo- Athens, Greece. This is a 2007 building that offers adequate space for lectures, research and personnel offices.

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